Want to know more about SNKI?

That’s easy! We’re Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative (SNKI).  We’re a non-profit charitable organization that’s 100% volunteer driven so all proceeds always go to the welfare of the animals in our charge.  SNKI serves Kingston and the surrounding communities.

The Beginning

  •  The primary goal is to facilitate the opening of a high-volume, reduced cost, spay/neuter clinic (based on the Humane Alliance Model) open to all members of the public regardless of monetary income or demographics;
  •  Not-for-Profit Status was received in November of 2011;
  •  Registered Charity Status was received in January of 2012;
  • T/N/V/R (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) Program was not one of the original goal(s) of SNKI. This program started in 2010 with the Bath Institution Feral Cat Colony which was slated to be euthanized. Due to a successful and intense media campaign by SNKI this colony was saved, is now completely stabilized (all cats spayed/neutered) and is being “managed” by one of the inmates. T/N/V/R continues to be one of the mainstay programs of SNKI due to an overwhelming need for this service.

SNKI Today

    Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative continues to grow, branching out into different areas as the need arises.
  • “Managed” Feral Cat Colonies:  All colonies accepted into our T/N/V/R Program must have a caretaker committed to providing food, water and adequate shelter for the duration of the lifetime of the colony. Food is supplemented by SNKI as donations permit;
  • Cat Foster/Adoption Program: “Friendly” cats and kittens born into our “managed” feral cat colonies are brought into foster homes where they are socialized to people. Each cat or kitten is vetted, vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to adoption. All homes are carefully screened and every effort is made to find the best possible “match” based on the needs of the animals in our care and those of the potential adoptive homes. To date we have placed over 150 cats and kittens from our colonies into their forever homes.
  • K-9 Connections: Originally a Dog Foster Adoption Program, K-9 Connections has now been separated into two programs: “Meet Your Match”, working with reputable rescue groups to match available dogs with potential adopters, and “Keep Your Match” which will focus on keeping dogs in their homes utilizing available resources.
  • Kingston Community Lost and Found PetsDeveloped as a resource for those who have lost or found a pet and help them reunite with their owners. This page is known throughout Kingston and area and is a resource that has helped reunite thousands of pets (even some farm animals!) with their owner’s. The community helps support this busy page by sharing posts, offering advice and assisting those who have come across an animal. Individuals can post directly on our page and we will share the information or we post on behalf of those on Kijiji. For those on Kijiji we send an email to the person who placed the ad and provide tips and tricks to help reunite the pet and owner.
  • Low-Cost Microchip ClinicsAs part of our ongoing efforts in assisting with reuniting pets with their owners, SNKI holds low-cost microchip clinics at least 2 times per year. To keep our costs low, we pre-book appointments and have pet owner’s complete registration prior to the clinic. We charge only $15.00 per pet when booked in advance and with this price the pet is microchipped (appointment takes less than 15 minutes), the owner receives a copy of the paperwork along with an electronic copy and instructions on logging into 24PetWatch. To date, we have microchipped over 225 cats and dogs in Kingston and area!
  • SNKI was part of the City of Kingston’s Responsible Pet Ownership Program Committee. A voucher system is being implemented in 2014, providing $25,000 ($250.00 vouchers) towards the cost of spaying/neutering pets of low-income individuals.
  • The City of Kingston approached SNKI in February of 2014 and asked us to implement the TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) portion of the R.P.O.P. A total amount of $25,000 has been budgeted for the first year (2014) with funding available for spay/neuter and vaccinations only. As SNKI is already running an effective T/N/V/R Program, we are very much aware that there are other costs associated with optimal colony health. To that end, SNKI is covering all costs for flea treatment, treatment of minor injuries and major injuries (based on vet recommendation and as our funding permits) as well as any necessary testing.
  • The City of Kingston has committed to exploring the long-term vision of establishing a cost-efficient, dedicated low-cost spay/neuter clinic operated in partnership with animal welfare stakeholders.
  • Following the success of the 2014 City of Kingston T/N/V/R Program, SNKI will again be running this program in 2015 and 2016. This program continues into 2017.
  • To date, SNKI has fixed over 2,000 cats/kittens while keeping these “at risk” kitties out of the shelter system. Feral cats and kittens do not do well in the shelter environment and are generally euthanized.

Governing Body

Our governing body is our Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for setting long-term policy, establishing the strategic direction of SNKI and ensuring the effective use of overall resources. Ultimate responsibility for control and direction of SNKI is vested in and taken by the Board of Directors.

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