What’s one of our most asked questions about spaying and neutering?

It’s usually about where to get low-cost spaying and neutering services in the area.  I.e. Does SNKI offer the public low-cost spaying and neutering? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Our mission is to “facilitate” the opening of a high-volume, low-cost spay neuter clinic in Kingston, we currently have no clinic.

So what are your options?

Option 1: The City of Kingston
If you live within the boundaries of the City of Kingston, the City has a $250 voucher system for low-income individuals through the Municipal Fee Assistance Program for spaying and neutering. For more
information, call: 613-546-2695 ext. 4906.
We suggest you call local vets and those outside of your area to compare
prices, asking what is absolutely essential to the surgery. This may help
bring the cost down.

Option 2: The OSPCA

The OSPCA has two high-volume, spay/neuter clinics – one in Barrie and
one in Newmarket, Ontario. You can find their contact information on their Spay-Neuter Services online.

Option 3: The Toronto Humane Society

The Toronto Humane Society now has a high-volume, spay/neuter clinic open to
the public. To find out more about their services, visit their website.

Option 4: Across the U.S. Border

You can have your pet fixed across the border in the U.S., where it is
considerably cheaper than in Canada, but you will have to contact Customs to
see what vaccinations are required both to cross into the States AND to
bring them back into Canada. Currently, only Rabies vaccinations is required (always
contact them).

There is a privately owned spay/neuter clinic currently operating in Bath,
Ontario – the Kingston-Napanee Spay Neuter Clinic. You may contact them for
their price list and to make an appointment. They, like all other organizations listed here, do not accept walk-ins.

Have other questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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