Making A Difference

Brooke is a Success Story survivor. Born in the wild to a feral mother; her life could have been very short, scary, and very tragic. However, on August 23, 2016, Brooke’s life went down a new path, a brighter one. On that day a journey of hope, and believing that miracles can and do happen, begun. Brooke was born without hip joints, but that never seemed to phase Brooke.

With the help, care and love of Brooke’s permanent foster mum, Lisa, Brooke underwent intensive rehabilitation therapy to see if there was a possibility of her walking. Brooke spent countless hours exercising her lower body and fell in love with the “pool” aka bathtub. Brooke will not be able to walk like a regular cat, but that small hiccup doesn’t stop her from zooming around.

Brooke is a dynamic cat who doesn’t “see” herself with a disability. Living with her permanent foster mom, Lisa and her boyfriend David and five other cats and a dog, Brooke is the spunkiest of them all and keeps everyone on their toes! Brooke has stolen the hearts of the community, has been featured in  The Whig Standard and Station 14 and is living the good life in her loving home with Lisa with continued support from SNKI.

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