We’re pleased to highlight our success stories!

We’re always keen to share our success stories! Like us on Facebook and Instagram to follow our everyday dialogue that includes updates on our alumni, new intakes and heart-tugging before and after pictures of our charges.  As much as we love helping, we also want to put ourselves out of business (so to speak)!  We know that the key to stopping the cycle of unwanted and abandoned pets is affordable spay and neuter programs.  Education is also key.  Did you know that SNKI has been invited to speak at elementary schools? Teachers reach out and we always welcome the opportunity!  Contact us to find out more!  Below are some great outtakes from Station 14 about one of our visits earlier this year.

Recently Students at Joyceville Public School met with some infamous SNKI alumni kittens who were rescued during the bitter cold snap this past January (2018).

Another great story involving one of the dedicated SNKI Board members: #notallsuperheroeswearcapes

Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative is a non-profit charitable organization that’s 100% volunteer driven, hence all the proceeds raised go directly to the welfare of the animals.  It’s not always easy, but we choose to celebrate each success with every forever home placement, and we certainly couldn’t do it without all our fosters and volunteers!  Everyone’s efforts add to the success of all the stories.  We thank you for your support.

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