How Can You Foster?

Foster ApplicationFoster homes make THE difference and provide our cats with all the love and care they need to flourish.  Fostering is ideal for people that love cats but can’t commit to adoption or who want to make an impact through fostering.  Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative is looking for people willing to provide foster care for cats and kittens taken in from our “managed” feral cat colonies. In most cases, these will be kittens as the primary age of socialization to humans is between 6 to 12 weeks. Cats and kittens with little or no human contact older than this age range are much more difficult to socialize.  A time commitment of up to 6 months may be required.

Generally, the approved home provides food and shelter for the fostered cat or kitten (SNKI will supplement as supplies permit). Medical costs are covered by SNKI, with prior approval.

You can find the link to our foster application here.

Meet Brooke, a SNKI Foster, Who Found Her Forever Home

Brooke was born without hip joints to a feral mother.  She was trapped as a kitten and brought into the SNKI fostering program and required intensive rehabilitation therapy. Thanks to her foster mom, Lisa, Brooke received the attention and care she needed and SNKI covered the vet costs.  Fundraising for Brooke was a success and as she grew she was able to receive a specialized cart that would help her get around. Brooke is a dynamic cat who doesn’t “see” herself with a disability. Living with her permanent foster mom, Lisa and her boyfriend David and five other cats and a dog, Brooke is the spunkiest of them all and keeps everyone on their toes! Brooke has stolen the hearts of the community, has been featured in the The Whig Standard and Station 14 and is living the good life in her loving home with Lisa with continued support from SNKI.

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