We were busy in 2020 pandemic and all! We were working diligently to stabilize a few of our existing colonies which has brought many kittens into our Foster & Adoption program. We had many new arrivals in these colonies and here’s an overview of the cats we helped:

  • # of Cats Fixed: 65
  • # of Cats/Kittens Adopted: 55
  • # of Cats Returned to their Colony Caretakers: 10

SNKI spent a total $42,741

We also had the pleasure of working alongside some amazing volunteers with a large volume spay/neuter effort on Amherst Island.

We are always thankful by the support of our community and humbled by the generosity and support of our work! Thank you to all those who helped make 2020 a success and as always, thank you to our hard-working volunteers!

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