We are so excited to share that in 2021 we had SOO many kitties go to their furrever homes… a total of 61 adoptions! Congratulations to all of the families who have grown by 4 little paws (or 8 in some cases!)

Pictured above are just some of the kitties adopted in 2021!

A very warm congratulations to:

Parmesan; Dill; Basil; Piper; Peppa; Rosemary; Charlie; Penne; Henry; Baby; Meatball; Flora; Tony; Spaghetti; Halen & Zeppelin (adopted together!); Danny & Artie (adopted together!); Bagel; Beans & Buttermilk  (adopted together!); Cocoa; Bella; Bombi; Reese & Taffy (adopted together!); Minu (foster fail); Jelly Bean; Gnocchi & Olive (adopted together!); Gobs (Gobstopper) & Skittles (adopted together!); Booberry & Purrmagranate (adopted together!); Neptune; Venus; Hershey & Twix (adopted together!); Purrnapple; Strawpurry; Joanie; Stewie; Chloe; Titan; Jorgie; KitKat & Snickers (adopted together!); Isla; Billo; Lucky; Autumn; Moon & Atlas (foster fail/adopted together!); Mars; Tux; Elara; Spice; Luna; Puck; Jupiter & Lyra (adopted together!)

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