In 2010, SNKI started the TNVR (trap/neuter/vaccinate/return) program with the Bath Institution Feral Cat Colony as the first colony. SNKI stepped in to help as these cats were slated to be euthanized; due to a successful and intense media campaign, this colony was saved! The colony was stabilized, all cats spayed/neutered and continues to be managed by the inmates.

Fast forward 11 years later and these cats are continuing to be cared for and loved by the inmates. Time ages us all, these cats are no different, and we are now seeing an increasing volume of vet visits and medical care needed for this aging colony. The residents of Bath Institution have done an AMAZING job continuing to support, care and love these colony cats, but with the increasing costs and medical needs, they need our help too. We have a special fund set aside (Bath Kitty Fund) which is used exclusively for the Bath Feral Cat Colony. You can make donations online and make a comment indicating “Bath Kitty Fund” to help this colony.

We have been seeing a few of the Bath Colony cats come in for medical attention; recently we saw Redman who is one of the senior cat’s living at the Bath Colony. Although Redman is a part of a feral colony, he is very friendly and loves affection. He is quite social within this colony and everyone knows and loves him. The caretakers noticed that Redman was having some difficulty eating and his face was swelling in his lower jaw; he was taken in to be seen by the veterinarian. Redman had several broken teeth and was suffering from infections in his mouth. Dental procedures are very costly and requires a dedicated foster family to help with the cat’s recovery before returning to the colony. Thanks to the attentive eyes of the caretakers, the work of the vet and the help of the foster home, Redman has received the care he needed and is recovering well! Redman continues to rest and recover so he can return to the colony and his caretakers.

If you would like to donate to his and other Bath colony kitties care, click the links: PayPal; CanadaHelps; E-transfers also accepted accounts @ (remove the spaces)

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