TNVR Assistance Request

All colonies put through Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative’s T/N/V/R (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) Program become “managed” feral cat colonies. In order to be eligible for SNKI’s TNVR Program, you must be willing to continue to care for, provide shelter for and to provide food for the colony for the duration of its lifetime. An on-site visit to view the colony and location, by a member of SNKI, may be required – at our discretion. Note that all cats accepted into and spayed/neutered through our Program will be “ear-tipped”.

The below form must be completed after a phone consultation with our TNVR Coordinator.


This section covers general information about your colony.


This section covers how our TNVR program works and the conditions in which you as the colony caretaker agree to in order to be accepted into our TNVR program. PLEASE READ ALL QUESTIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS.
Being a colony caretaker involves a daily commitment. If you are away from the colony, it would be your responsibility to arrange for a trusted friend or family to provide food and water during this time.
The transportation is completed by the colony caretaker or designated trusted friend or family member for assistance, should you require it. This would be up to the caretaker to arrange.
Appointments are scheduled Monday to Friday. Drop off is early AM based on gender and pick up late afternoon. This information is provided, once scheduled. SNKI will work with you to schedule appointments based on availability. There are limited appointments available so prompt responses allows for a smooth process.
We recommend that the cat carrier has a towel or blanket inside, is also covered with a towel while transporting and to only carry the carrier from the bottom (to avoid it breaking during transport).
Ear-tipping involves surgically removing a small portion of one of a cat’s ears while the cat is under anesthesia for spay/neuter surgery. It is the universally accepted way to signify that the cat has been spayed or neutered.
A crate in a sheltered space must be provided for the recovery period before releasing the cat back into the colony.
SNKI is a charitable organization and we rely 100% on donations to be successful. At any time, we are always thankful for donations to keep our programs running. Donations can easily be sent by e-transfer to [email protected] (put in the comments: donation). Donations over $25 receive a tax receipt. Other methods to donate can be found at
At our discretion, SNKI may need to visit your colony. This could be for viewing the set up, assisting or providing instruction/tips on trapping, assessing potentially friendly/adoptable cats, etc. This would be at an agreeable time for all parties, should it be needed.
We require photos for our records but also use these for social media to inform the public of the work we do. When posting on social media we do not provide locations for the safety of your colony. The more photos (or videos) the better! This can be done by email, text, or Facebook messenger.
SNKI is a small group and we have limited foster homes available. We will try our best to find a foster home for any kittens, but due to these limited resources you may be required to foster for an undetermined amount of time until placement is found. This would involve having the kittens indoors along with the nursing mother, sending photos, and actively working on socializing by interacting with them. We an provide guidance should this occur. *Nursing mothers are temporarily fostered until kittens are weaned. Once done nursing, the mother is spayed and released (after recovery) back to your colony.
A stabilized colony is the ultimate goal. This takes dedication by the caretaker to prevent further litters at the colony. We will work with you for timelines but the stabilization should occur as quick as possible.
SNKI covers the costs for spay/neuters, we do not provide ongoing medical care for colony cats; should any medical concerns surface, you would contact us and we would discuss options and assess on a case by case basis.


This section goes over your available resources and options to have assistance to borrow equipment.
We do offer food donations for pick up, when available. You can always contact us if you are in need of food support and we can help when possible.
I acknowledge that all statements made in this application are true and are made for the purposes of my application to be accepted into the TNVR program. I understand that a representative from Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative may visit my colony and/or residence for a home inspection before my application is approved.
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